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Baker’s early career started in 2015 with matches for promotions including Absolute Intense Wrestling, Empire State Wrestling, Vicious Outcast Wrestling, Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel and Girl Fight She has also appeared on an episode of RAW In 2016 and an Episode of NXT in 2018 And as of 2019 Britt was the FIRST Female Signed to AEW Wrestling

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Wednesday Nights AEW Dynamite on TNT.

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AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Results
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Owen Hart Women’s Final: Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Ruby Soho

Rich Ward of Fozzy plays The Good Doctor to the ring. Rancid plays Ruby to the ring. Lockup, neither gets the edge. They make the ropes. Lockup, hammerlock by Baker. Ruby escapes. Baker wins a test of strength, arm twist into a hammerlock by Soho. Baker with a forearm but Soho maintains the edge. Baker with forearms. Knee by Dr. Baker for 2.

Elbow by Baker, she sends Soho into the buckles and stomps her into the corner. Armdrag by Soho into a knee strike. Missile dropkick by Soho. They’re batting on the outside, suplex by Soho. Back in the ring Soho climbs the ropes but Baker knocks her off and stomps her on the mat. Big forearms by Baker. She wraps Soho’s knee on the post and kicks her in the face. Baker is toying with her. Chop by Soho, Russian Leg Sweep by Baker.

Baker wrenches Soho’s body and elbows the ribs. Soho fights back with forearms. Now we have an exchange. An elbow by Baker puts Soho down. Rudy knocks Baker off the rope. Superplex by Soho. Both women are down. They exchange elbows. Rudy is unsteady. Now it’s a slugfest. Both women go down again. Britt with a thrust kick. Rollup by Soho for 2. Kick by Soho. Saito suplex by Soho. Senton off the top by Soho for 2. They fight on the top rope. Baker knocks her down and nails a curb stomp for 2. Baker applies the black glove. Ruby blocks it and nails a No Future. Soho with a sharpshooter. Baker almost makes the ropes and finally makes it. Hold broken.

Soho misses a charge, she hits a kick. They trade victory rolls and Baker scores the pin.


The Power Couple has done it.

Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker celebrate as Dr. Martha Hart comes out to congratulate the winner, accompanied by Tony Kahn. Her words are heatfelt. I can’t do them justice.


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