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Baker’s early career started in 2015 with matches for promotions including Absolute Intense Wrestling, Empire State Wrestling, Vicious Outcast Wrestling, Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel and Girl Fight She has also appeared on an episode of RAW In 2016 and an Episode of NXT in 2018 And as of 2019 Britt was the FIRST Female Signed to AEW Wrestling

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AEW Rampage: Fight For The Fallen Results – August 18, 2023
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Renee Paquette Interviews Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

After the opener wraps up, we shoot backstage where Renee Paquette is standing by with her guest at this time, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. The former AEW Women’s Champion talks about competing at the first ALL IN and being the first female signed by AEW.

She says it will be a perfect full-circle moment at AEW ALL IN 2023 at Wembley Stadium when she re-captures the AEW Women’s Championship. We head to another commercial break after this.

Toni Storm & Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue & Hikaru Shida

It’s main event time!

After Excalibur speed-reads the entire lineup for next week’s AEW Fyter Fest edition of Dynamite, tomorrow night’s Fight For The Fallen edition of Collision and next weekend’s ALL IN 2023 premium live event, we shoot to the pre-main event video package hosted by Mark Henry.

Once “The World’s Strongest Man” wraps up the usual pre-main event video package, we shoot back inside the arena where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of The Outcasts. Out comes Toni Storm and Ruby Soho accompanied by Saraya.

The duo settle in the ring and look ready to rock and roll. Their music dies down and the theme for Skye Blue hits. She makes her way out and stops. Her music stops as well. Now the familiar sounds of Hikaru Shida’s theme hits and the AEW Women’s World Champion emerges.

Blue and Shida head to the ring together and settle inside. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with our final match of the evening here on the special Fight For The Fallen edition of AEW Rampage on TNT.

After some early back-and-forth action, which sees Saraya get involved multiple times, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break with The Outcasts duo in firm control of the offense.

When we return from the final break of the evening, we see some more back-and-forth action until finally The Outcasts use the spray paint can to blind their opposition, leading to them picking up the win.

After the match, The Outcasts attacked Hikaru Shida and Skye Blue, setting up a big pull-apart brawl with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., the fourth woman involved in the fatal-four-way for the AEW Women’s World Championship at ALL IN 2023.

The show goes off the air with all four women involved in the title bout at ALL IN brawling and security and officials trying to break them up. Thanks for joining us!

Winners: The Outcasts

AEW Dynamite Results-May 31st,2023
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Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Adam Cole vs. Saraya & Chris Jericho

It’s main event time here on the post-Double Or Nothing 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite on TBS. With that said, we head down to the ring for our final match of the evening, which will be a featured mixed tag-team bout.

With that said, we hear the familiar sounds of Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.’s entrance theme music and out comes the wildly popular women’s wrestling star. She stops and is joined by her boyfriend, Adam Cole. The fan-favorite duo head to the ring and settle inside.

The theme for Saraya hits and out comes The Outcasts member, yelling into the camera. Her music stops and the theme for her partner for tonight, Chris Jericho hits. “The Wizard” emerges and the two head to the ring.

Now we hear the bell sound to officially get this one off-and-running. Chris Jericho and Adam Cole kick things off for their respective teams in the early goings. We see some good back-and-forth action and then Jericho takes over.

Jericho and Cole duke it out at ringside on the floor and then head back into the ring, where Saraya and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. each tag in. The two meet in the middle of the ring and start trading hockey punches.

Baker gets screwed by interference from Jericho and the crowd boos like crazy. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues. When we return, we see Baker starting to finally fight back into the lead but is screwed over by Ruby Soho and Toni Storm at ringside.

Hikaru Shida comes out with a kendo stick and starts swinging wildly at any-and-everything that moves. The action resumes in the ring with Jericho and Cole duking it out. We see Jericho get splashed on by Baker to shift the momentum back in the favor of Cole and Baker.

Cole follows up and beats down Jericho. He waits for him to get up and looks to connect with his Panama Sunrise out of the corner, but Jericho counters and puts Cole in the Walls of Jericho. The fans pop as Cole screams in pain.

With Jericho cranking back looking to finish Cole off, we see Baker standing behind him. She puts on the glove and heads over and slaps her Lockjaw submission finisher on Jericho. Jericho looks close to tapping when Saraya breaks things up.

Floyd the bat comes into play but before Jericho can use it, we see Cole and Baker start landing super kicks on any-and-everyone that moves. Baker tags Cole in as Jericho crawls across the ring. Cole pulls the knee pad down and tells Jericho, “I told you!” before Lowering The Boom for the pin fall victory in an excellent main event.

After the match, Chris Jericho throws a hissy fit reminiscent of his initial heel turn way back in the day in WCW, as he grabs a steel chair at ringside and starts blasting it into the steel ring post over-and-over again out of frustration.

The commentators talk us through some highlights from the main event and then we see Cole and Baker celebrating in the ring as Jericho and Saraya head to the back dejected. Excalibur talks us off the air on that note, and that’s how this week’s show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

Winners: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Adam Cole

AEW Dynamite: Anniversary Results for October 5, 2022
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AEW Interim Women’s World Champ Toni Storm, Athena, & Willow Nightingale (with Saraya)


Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian), & Serena Deeb (with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Rebel)!

Athena tripped up Penelope and blasted her with a shotgun dropkick. Penelope rammed Athena into the corner and followed up with a backspring elbow.

Deeb tagged and ate a dropkick from Toni Storm. Toni used her hip attack on Deeb. When Storm was distracted, Deeb took down Toni with a chop block. Willow tagged in and hit Hayter with a spinebuster.

Rebel grabbed a crutch from beneath the ring but Saraya pulled it away and threw it down. Willow hit Deeb with the pounce! Penelope Ford ran in and rocked Willow with a back heel kick! Willow rallied back and walloped Penelope with the doctor bomb for the pin!

Britt Baker jumped in the ring and got in the face of Saraya. Baker and Saraya slugged it out until Saraya bounced Baker out of the ring!

“Saraya just exploding on the scene here,” said Taz.

“I think Saraya is in pretty good ring shape,” added Schiavone.

AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Results
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Owen Hart Women’s Final: Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Ruby Soho

Rich Ward of Fozzy plays The Good Doctor to the ring. Rancid plays Ruby to the ring. Lockup, neither gets the edge. They make the ropes. Lockup, hammerlock by Baker. Ruby escapes. Baker wins a test of strength, arm twist into a hammerlock by Soho. Baker with a forearm but Soho maintains the edge. Baker with forearms. Knee by Dr. Baker for 2.

Elbow by Baker, she sends Soho into the buckles and stomps her into the corner. Armdrag by Soho into a knee strike. Missile dropkick by Soho. They’re batting on the outside, suplex by Soho. Back in the ring Soho climbs the ropes but Baker knocks her off and stomps her on the mat. Big forearms by Baker. She wraps Soho’s knee on the post and kicks her in the face. Baker is toying with her. Chop by Soho, Russian Leg Sweep by Baker.

Baker wrenches Soho’s body and elbows the ribs. Soho fights back with forearms. Now we have an exchange. An elbow by Baker puts Soho down. Rudy knocks Baker off the rope. Superplex by Soho. Both women are down. They exchange elbows. Rudy is unsteady. Now it’s a slugfest. Both women go down again. Britt with a thrust kick. Rollup by Soho for 2. Kick by Soho. Saito suplex by Soho. Senton off the top by Soho for 2. They fight on the top rope. Baker knocks her down and nails a curb stomp for 2. Baker applies the black glove. Ruby blocks it and nails a No Future. Soho with a sharpshooter. Baker almost makes the ropes and finally makes it. Hold broken.

Soho misses a charge, she hits a kick. They trade victory rolls and Baker scores the pin.


The Power Couple has done it.

Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker celebrate as Dr. Martha Hart comes out to congratulate the winner, accompanied by Tony Kahn. Her words are heatfelt. I can’t do them justice.

AEW Revolution 2022 Results
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Match #6. AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Deep lock up to start and Britt goes on the attack with a butterfly suplex. Really fun chain wrestling to start here. How good is Thunder Rosa? Back breaker by Thunder Rosa and a running knee in the corner, and another. Rosa misses a diving lariat in the corner and Baker makes her pay with a hangman’s neckbreaker. Referee’s back is turned and Jamie Hayter gets involved. Baker is in control with a hammer lock as she’s drilling Rosa’s head into the mat. Rosa gets to her feet with a duck under and a German suplex on Britt for a two count. A Northern Lights suplex gets another two count. Britt is in the corner and ducks under a running Thunder Rosa, lifts her up, Air Raid Crash! One, two, no! These two women are slugging it out in the center of the ring and Baker gets another butterfly suplex. Britt calls on Rebel to apply the glove and we’re setting up for Lock Jaw. Rosa senses it’s coming and delivers a shotgun dropkick to the corner! Rosa sits Baker up on the top and goes for a superplex, and she gets it! Baker landed pretty high on that suplex, however. One, two, no! Britt is up and lands a ripcord elbow followed by a, uh, single arm butterfly suplex That didn’t look too good. Baker going for the lockjaw but Rosa rolls into a pin for a two count. Rosa gets up and delivers a back suplex for two. Rosa to the top turnbuckle but Baker catches her and delivers an avalance Air Raid Crash! One, two.. no! Fire thunder driver attempt but Britt rolls through, and Rosa rolls through again and delivers a tombstone! Rebel distracts the referee or that would have been it. Hayter rolls the belt in and Baker hits the curb stomp on the belt! Thunder Rosa kicks out at two but Britt Baker locks in the lockjaw! Rosa gets to the bottom rope, rolls into the center of the ring, and locks in a lockjaw of her own! Rebel is on the apron again as Thunder Rosa has a Million Dollar Dream locked in. Britt is tapping! Rosa is up and hits the Big E spear from the ring to the outside! Lariat to Hayter on the outside! Thunder Rosa rolls back in the ring right into a curb stomp! 1, 2, 3.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Britt Baker

AEW Battle of the Belts Results-January 8th,2022
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Main Event Time!

AEW Women’s World Title Championship Match!

-AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (with Rebel & Jamie Hayter) vs. RIHO!

Before the match, Jamie Hayter threw the championship down onto the ring canvas. Jim Ross noted it was very disrespectful on Hayter’s part.

RIHO hit two consecutive dropkicks on Baker. She followed up with a diving cross body press onto Rebel on the outside. Baker fired back with the sling blade on the floor!

Hayter and Baker pulled a table out from underneath the ring. RIHO evened up the odds with a dragon suplex on Baker. Then RIHO ran up the table and dropkicked Hayter, who had been holding the other end of it!

Back in the ring, Baker was waiting for RIHO and began stomping a mudhole into her. Baker suplexed RIHO for a near fall. RIHO rallied back with a double foot stomp onto Britt Baker.

“RIHO has a great second gear and is extremely resilient,” noted Jim Ross.

RIHO blasted Baker with a big knee strike in the corner! RIHO locked Baker into a leg submission but Baker grabbed the bottom rope to force the ref to break the hold. RIHO climbed to the top turnbuckle but Rebel grabbed Baker and shielded her. RIHO jumped off the top with a double foot stomp onto Rebel!

RIHO tried for the double foot stomp onto Baker but Baker moved and countered with an Air Raid Crash! RIHO avoided the curb stomp from Baker. Baker reversed a dragon suplex from RIHO and tried to put the Lock Jaw on, but RIHO had it scouted! RIHO escaped when she grabbed the bottom rope.

Britt went right back with a curb stomp for a near fall on RIHO for a near fall!

“RIHO will not be denied!” said Excalibur.

Jamie Hayter tossed Britt’s world title into the ring. When ref Paul Turner turned around, he saw Rebel with the belt and he ejected Rebel. Baker was puzzled by the interference from Hayter and turned to ask her what she was doing. RIHO dropkicked Baker into Hayter, knocking Hayter off the ring apron! RIHO hit the crucifix bomb and then a Northern Lights Suplex on Baker for a near fall!

RIHO charged at Baker but Baker kicked up at RIHO. Baker curb stomped RIHO and then applied the Lock Jaw, forcing RIHO to tap out!

AEW Dynamite Results-August 11th,2021
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Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Baker received a hero’s welcome in Brittsburgh!

“The champ has come home,” said Jim Ross.

“I really can’t comment on Red Velvet’s rise because I can’t relate. I’ve always been at the top of AEW. I’ve always been the face of this division and I’ve always been the baddest bitch on the block. But her fearlessness—that I can relate to. I wasn’t afraid to step up when this city needed a champion. I bleed black and gold just as much as anyone in here. So Pittsburgh, I present to you, hope,” said Baker, as she help up her world championship title.

“Red Velvet, you might have had a glimmer of hope if you were wrestling me in any other city, but not here in Pittsburgh, in the main event this Friday on RAMPAGE.”

Red Velvet didn’t want to wait until this Friday and charged at Britt Baker. AEW officials had to separate the two competitors.

“They’re going to settle it this Friday live on TNT on RAMPAGE,” said Jim Ross.

AEW Double or Nothing Results-May 30th,2021
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AEW Women’s World Title Match!

Hikaru Shida (c.) vs. #1-ranked Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (with Rebel)!

Baker looked for lockjaw right at the start of the match, but Shida rolled out. Shida attempted a knee strike, but Baker dodged it. There were dueling chants from the crowd.

On the outside of the ring, Shida rammed Baker into the steel barricade. Shida used a diving crossbody to take down Rebel and Baker! Shida charged in for another knee strike, but Baker countered it and she had the champion reeling here. Baker bounced Shida’s head off the mat with a curb stomp. Baker put her glove on and tried to apply the Lock Jaw, but Shida rolled out of the way to create distance.

The champ fired back up and grounded and pounded Britt Baker! Shida used a hammer throw to whip Baker into the corner and then followed up with three consecutive knee strikes! Shida began to gouge Baker’s face.

“Wow, this behavior is so unlike Shida,” noted Tony Schiavone.

Baker and Shida began to slug it out and Baker got the better of it after a fishermen’s neck breaker. Baker went for the stomp again, but Shida moved and tried to counter with a stretch muffler. Baker grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Baker took down Shida with the sling blade. Baker followed up with the air raid crash for a near fall! Shida fought back with a German suplex for a two-count on Baker! Shida was going for an avalanche death valley driver but Britt escaped…but not for long because Shida superplexed Baker!

Shida applied the stretch muffler submission, but Rebel distracted her. Rebel accidentally clocked Baker with her crutch. Shida nailed Baker with the Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Baker superkicked Shida right in the face with the belt and followed up with a curb stomp, but Shida kicked out!

“Holy Shida!” said Excalibur.

“What a pro wrestling match we’re watching right here. I’m loving this!” replied Jim Ross.

Baker applied the Lock Jaw and Shida tapped!

And new AEW Women’s Champion…Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.!!!

Tony Schiavone left the broadcast booth to hug Britt Baker and congratulate her.

AEW Dynamite -March 17th 2021 Results
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Unsanctioned Lights Out Match
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Once the MJF segment wraps up, we shoot back inside Daily’s Place amphitheater, where the commentary trio of J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur inform us that it’s time for the Unsanctioned Lights Out main event of the evening — as the ladies headline the weekly AEW on TNT program for the first time in All Elite Wrestling history — now.

With that said, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Dr. Britt Baker, as the only dentist on the AEW women’s roster makes her way down to the ring for our featured attraction bout of the night. Out next is her opponent, Thunder Rosa, who is attacked from behind out of nowhere by Rebel with a crutch. This gets our final contest of the evening officially underway.

Baker goes to work on Rosa, dominating the former NWA Women’s Champion all over the ring and then around the ringside area on the floor, slamming her into anything that is — and isn’t — nailed down to the floor. She fills the ring with chairs as Rosa is still completely laid out on the ring steps where she left her after slamming her into them with authority.

We see Baker go back over to Rosa and pick her up. As she does, we see blood pouring down the head and face of Rosa. The action is brought back into the ring where Baker shows off the crimson mask that Rosa is now sporting as J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the commercial break, we see Baker still in the offensive driver’s seat as she takes Rosa up to the top-rope with bad intentions in mind. We see a pile of steel chairs in the middle of the ring down below as Baker and Rosa come flying off the top with a superplex, landing right on top of them. We see replays of this as the crowd goes nuts.

Back live, we see Rosa start to finally show signs of life, as she begins making her big comeback. She bashes Baker head-first into a steel ladder. Moments later, she dropkicks a ladder into Baker’s face. The camera shows a close-up shot of blood literally free-flow pouring out of the face of the licensed dentist. Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver off the top-rope on Baker, landing on a ladder drapped across the bottom rope on the way down.

She tries finishing her off with that, however Baker hangs on and survives. Again we see blood pouring badly out of her face as she grabs something to wipe it off as best as she can so that she can see. Finally she starts to fight back, hitting a big Curb Stomp onto Rosa with her face crashing down onto a bunch of steel chairs. She goes for the win off of that spot, however Rosa survives. Now we see Baker with blood pouring down her grill again as she shows an evil smirk.

Baker heads over to Rebel on the floor, who hands her the special glove she uses when applying her LockJaw submission finisher. She puts the glove on but then is handed a sack by Rebel. She holds the sack up proudly and shows it off to the crowd before opening it and dumping out a ton of thumb tacks all over the ring mat. She goes over and picks up Rosa. She looks for a swinging neck-breaker on the tacks but Rosa blocks it and goes for a counter.

Rebel hits the ring and has a crutch but Rosa gets to her in time. She ends up knocking her out of the ring and through a table that was set up like a bridge on the steel barricade and ring apron.

We see Baker try to capitalize on this distraction spot, only for Rosa to see her coming and hit a crazy power bomb on Baker onto the pile of tacks. She covers her for the pin, but somehow Baker kicks out. She stands up with her face still covered in blood and her body completely covered in thumb tacks.

Baker runs over and blasts Rosa with a big kick. Baker’s face is bloody as hell, folks. Now things escalate to a spot that sees Rosa hook Baker and hit a crazy spot from the ring apron down through a table on the floor. She covers Baker on the floor and the ref counts to three.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

After The Match: Thunder Rosa Celebrates Victory In An Epic Main Event

Rosa breaks down and cries, emotional in victory as she poses with her hand raised over Baker. Highlights are then shown as the commentators talk us through what was truly a very, very, very memorable women’s match.

This was everything it was hyped up to be by Tony Khan coming into tonight’s show — and then some. Amazing main event from Baker and Rosa this evening. That’ll do it for tonight’s show. Thanks for joining us.

NXT Results-October 17th,2018
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Match Number Two: Britt Baker versus Shayna Baszler

They lock up and Shayna with a fireman’s carry into a knee to the arm. Shayna works on the wrist and applies an arm bar. Shayna puts the hand on the mat and Shayna stomps on the hand. The referee checks on Baker to see if she can continue and the referee stops the match.

Winner: Shayna Baszler (referee stoppage)

The medical staff checks on Baker as she screams in pain.

Shayna with a jumping knee to the head.